Collaborated with Tul Srisompan to create tangible-noise for Laika, progressive rock band based in Bangkok.

Brief: Develop a visual for Laika new album, Optimistic. Visuals itself should tell a story as well as represent a band uniqueness.

Our objective is to visualize something unique and also telling a journey of a band. Laika’s name is inspired from the first dog that went to space. Apart from the name, songlist also compared itself to star, space and time.

Our concepts develop from comparing songs to planets. Then, we decide that the visual must telling the story based on journey to each planet. To create more immersive experiences, why don’t we build real objects based on each planet and giveaway within the album.

First experiment, we capture sound on every song in the album by Processing. This experiment aim to visualize sounds by using dots and lines.

Second, we turn 2D planes into 3D surfaces by using Glasshopper and then warp the surfaces onto sphere.

Lastly, a band comes up with an idea of space flower which better represent the name of the album (Optimistic). So we rapidly build 3D shape that look like flower pedal by using Rhinoceorus 3D. Then we warp those surfaces onto a flower pedal
and this is the final results.